It’s so good I have to share ;)

I have been struggling for a really long time with being a minimalist when it comes to food. It is not that I have not tried, but I am such a foodie! I laugh at myself all the time.  And that is so awesome, I am my own source of uninterrupted humour.

The chicken korma I had last week – my very first korma, it gave me an oh OOOOOH and I am a convert! Forever! I have to learn how to cook it and add it  to my signature dishes. Because I have only two at the moment.

Happy update: Some of you also know about my gluten struggle. It kind of disappeared. Now I can eat bread and pasta and I am fine. Energy levels are super, I don’t feel drained anymore. I also have some kind of a theory and I hope I am right about that.  I think that it was not the gluten that was the problem, but the flour. In case you do not already know, white flour – as we buy at the store, is actually ‘treated’ with bleach agents and is loaded with preservatives. So I think that those additives etc were the problem, not the gluten in itself. Yay!!!!!!!!

Going back at the start, sorry for the blah-blahing, here is a link to a nice page  which tell you “how to stock for a minimalist pantry”.

Cheers y’all!


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